“The Lost Isle of Ilien”

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A young adult fantasy fiction novel

Seventeen-year-old Nyra never wanted magic. In fact, she would give her right arm (and probably her left too) to simply spend time with her animals, sail her boat, and live in peace. But when your country has been at war with the Karg for over one hundred years—and you’re a pariah because you look like one of them—peace is something you only get in micro doses. Because of her past—which no-one will discuss—Nyra’s only friends are animals, she knows almost nothing about her parents, and she’s sure the Aunt who is raising her resents every fiber of her being.

And if life wasn’t already enough of a struggle, Nyra discovers that she has magical powers. While her own people may frown on sorcery, the Karg have outlawed it outright. When she learns that this magic—and her heritage—make her the only person who can save her country from the Karg, Nyra tries to set aside both her anger and her fear to do the right thing. Her quest leads her to Kargngul, the Karg’s homeland. Here, Nyra struggles as she learns how to use her newly discovered powers, fight off her Karg father (who wants to kill her), and navigate the perils of having her first girlfriend. And she must keep her Auntie and Uncle in the dark about all of it. If she fails, it could cost Nyra her freedom, her family, and even her life.

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