Loring Slivinski, Author & Artist

Are you that person who, at some point in your life, has veered in a direction other than one prescribed to you by society, your parents, teachers, friends, and common sense?  If you answered “Yes”, then we are kindred souls.  As a former English major, I’m supposed to wax poetic about Shakespeare, Hawthorne, Homer, Twain, Bronte.  But none of their stories ever grabbed me like “The Hobbit”.  You can pretty accurately say I was ruined on any other genre after I read JRR Tolkein.

Truly, fantasy is my genre.

The world of dragons and fairies, weird islands and castles, mages, witches, magic, and mythical things calls to me.  IMHO, fantasy gets short-shrifted as nothing but fluff.  But while stories of far-away places may be a great escape, these stories actually *do* have purpose:  they are a reflection of ourselves and the sometimes all-too-real world around us.

So come hang out a while, and let’s talk about mythology, life, art, and all the magical things in the world…